Establishing how to measure the flow field of process flow inside machinery, with different dimensions and internal operations. Designing and developing a system to be used in the R&D phase and in the diagnostic phase on already operational machines. Portable anemometer format required.


Realisation of a completely customised handling system. To do this, we have integrated hardware and software into a single package that can be installed inside machines of 5 different sizes, with measurement volumes of different sizes, with a multi-axis crossing system that overcomes different obstacles, placed in different positions.


The customer company is part of a German multinational characterised by a high technological level that offers production solutions for the machine tools, electronics and laser technology sectors.


The measurement takes place, using a two-axis hot wire anemometer, in high frequency (20kHz), so as to obtain a two-dimensional speed map on different volume levels. The aerodynamic analysis of the flow is complete, both in terms of speed and its fluctuations. To make the measurements accurate to the highest degree, the anemometer calibration system was also created, easy to transport and able to operate when the required operating ranges vary (type of gas, temperature, operating speed).

We have designed and developed an automated precision measuring instrument. It is based on a single tailor-made software that:

acquires data, that is the gas speed on a matrix of points distributed over a volume; the user can easily define the matrix
processes the results and the related graphic displays, visible in real time
returns a test report

The instrument has a compact and modular shape so as to facilitate its transport for field diagnostics.

A probe, a probe calibration system, a software to acquire data and trace the probe, a traversing system: these are the different elements that we have developed or customised (except the probe) and hence integrated into a single solution thanks to our methodological and procedural know-how on conducting research experiments.

The kinematics of the “robot”, which moves the anemometer at the measurement points, has four degrees of mobility to allow movement and rotation until reaching all the points of the process volumes for the different machine sizes. This configuration guarantees the required small footprint, which is essential for sending a technician with the system in portable format to client companies.



The added value of the conceived and implemented automated anemometric system, lies in having integrated various phases of the measurement process into a single software, according to the specific modus operandi of the client company and to meet the specific needs of different sectors, i.e., R&D, validation of product tuning and maintenance, where diagnostics are carried out on already operational machines.



The whole team has experienced years of experiments in fluid and thermodynamics university laboratories, dealing with CFDs and custom software development. In this way we have a robust background to which we add specific skills as users. It is this last factor that distinguishes us: as users we know what precautions are needed to devise accurate calculation systems, which guarantee 100% usability of the system.



We are always ready to discuss those measurement systems that have their own characteristics and therefore are not served by any tool already available. To find a solution, we thoroughly investigate what the company already does to achieve the result. The answer usually lies there. However, it is accessible to those with a background of experiments and vertical studies on the subject, as the Stream team has.

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